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The Mission of Get Into Nuclear is to become the go-to hub for individuals looking to get into nuclear. We aim to do this by providing readily available information on the nuclear industry, a six-step process to finding a new job, a niche nuclear jobs board and encouraging businesses to get involved.

Our business model is focussed on four key areas; interest, recruit, win and raise. Get Into Nuclear is supported by our partners Learn Live UK, NIASS, Engage Hub and Energy Jobline to make our objectives a reality.


Our initial objective has always been to attract individuals into the nuclear industry and provide them with the answer to the question "so how can I get into nuclear?"

We achieve this by firstly raising the profile of the nuclear industry in the places that potential nuclear workers focus their attention by utilising our blogs, social media channels and with services such as Nuclear Live. Anyone interested in finding out more about the industry can head over to where we provide information on the industry, the roles available across the sector, where to train and gain qualifications and where you can go to find work.


There is a huge requirement for new workers across the nuclear industry to meet nuclear deterrent, decommissioning and clean energy commitments. The industry needs to recruit new talent in order to deliver on its promises. To achieve this we have provided the six-steps to get into nuclear online course, a niche nuclear jobs board and our Nuclear 'Source and Screen' service in which we provide interview ready candidates to nuclear employers.


In addition to the requirement for new individuals to join the nuclear industry there is also the need to bring in a fresh supply chain who can bring innovative ways of working into the sector. Much of the support required to undertake the transistion to gaining work in the nuclear industry can be found utilising the NSAN Fit 4 Nuclear process. However, with established businesses that are looking to increase the size of their nuclear business we can provide industry advice and business winning support via our collaboration with NIASS.


As part of our final objective we are looking to raise the profile of the nuclear industry and the organisations that form the sector; dispelling the myths and misnomers that surround the industry that are hindering the progress of the globe in achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

We are doing this by providing access to content marketing, social media & influencer marketing and events management companies with which we have created partnerships. To bind this all together we have created our Nuclear Launchpad offering which is an all-day fully immersive high-touch service to see how we can implement the above into your current marketing strategies. We can then leave you with the toolkit to implement your social media and content marketing strategy or we can continue to support you every step of the way on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking to Get Into Nuclear we can help!

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